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Story mode:

A new game mode, the Story mode. The story mode puts the player on the character of David. A survivor in an apocalyptic world in FunVice.
You'll be able to do missions, tasks, and most importantly kill wanderers in the new story game mode. Story mode includes NPC's and dialogues that make the story feel more realistic.



The server comprises more than three different minigames. Most minigames are deathmatch focused. Few are shown below, discover more in the server!


Pack your things in a immense game mode. Runs for about 6-8 minutes. Steal the car to meet your desires. Earn huge amount of cash upon winning the game. Losing might also not ruin your efforts, instead rewards you with some money.


A new minigame called Capture the Flag allows you to steal opponent team's flag and stuck it in your base. Like the above minigame, it also offers huge amount of money to winners as well as some to losers.

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