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  1. Yea i tried to turn my fight with burak into a weird kind of hvh.. Also no, I didn't kill Sos he was spectating and before he started recording he told burak to use all his hacks on me. So i fought back.Now i realised it's wrong and won't do so again. Also i used only "lag script" in the past.. This is the first time using aurora here. and last .. I promise..
  2. Nick:[SK]Emi Admin:BrightLight Date:I forgot Reason:Aurora Why should we unban you:I used hacks against another hacker, ( HunTinG,Paul ) can confirm I didn't use hacks against any legit player Extra notes:I won't repeat it, and it's first time I did it + I applied because FV changed its ip and mine changed also
  3. Your in-game nick:Emi Rulebreaker's nick:Sos Reason:D.E Date:Yesterday Evidence: https://streamable.com/alptrg Extra notes:-
  4. Emi


    In-game Nick:=KFt=E. New Nick:[SK]Emi Reason:left kf
  5. In-game Nick:[SK]Emi New Nick:=KFt=E. Reason:accepted in KF + i want my money. Proof of account ownership:Check my ip or i send recording
  6. Your in-game nick:P.King Rulebreaker's nick:HEZZY Reason:Aurora Date:Today Evidence: Extra notes:-
  7. Your in-game nick:[F2]Nassim Rulebreaker's nick:Aymen.2002 Reason:Death Evade /q Date:Today Evidence: Extra notes:Nassim told me to report he can't register on forum.
  8. Don't worry i don't ban players for such reasons i'm admin in The Ravens and i know how to do my job well, You can ask TRDM devs @BrightLight
  9. In-game nick:Emi. Previous nicks:Emi,[SK]Emi Country/Timezone:Romania Time playing VCMP:2012 Time playing FunVice:2019 Have you been banned/warned anywhere else? Why?:Yes here for lag script didn't use it anymore Why do you wish to join the staff crew:To help Shy and other admins in maintaning the server clean and in good state What can you accomplish as a staff member:I can help u get rid of hackers,ddos kids ( i know some networking since i used to be a hacker too but didn't ddos vc-mp servers ) I Can make sure every player respects the rules,I can help begginers understand the game/server minigames Extra notes:I like pizza, but who doesn't :D Regards, Emi