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  1. Story mode: A new game mode, the Story mode. The story mode puts the player on the character of David. A survivor in an apocalyptic world in FunVice. You'll be able to do missions, tasks, and most importantly kill wanderers in the new story game mode. Story mode includes NPC's and dialogues that make the story feel more realistic. Minigames: The server comprises more than three different minigames. Most minigames are deathmatch focused. Few are shown below, discover more in the server! RTV: Pack your things in a immense game mode. Runs for about 6-8 minutes. Steal the car to meet your desires. Earn huge amount of cash upon winning the game. Losing might also not ruin your efforts, instead rewards you with some money. CTF: A new minigame called Capture the Flag allows you to steal opponent team's flag and stuck it in your base. Like the above minigame, it also offers huge amount of money to winners as well as some to losers.
  2. A new entirely different gamemode A to Z. Find yourself confused in a world of jobs, joy and fun. Some features of the gamemode are discussed here. Cops & Robbers: As a robber, roam around the city and blow up the stores having thousands of dollars hidden in their cases. Find your targets and increase your credit but stealing their assets. Cops will chase you in form of NPCs. They are very dangerous. Search for the bribe pickups and save yourself from the cops. Successfully saving yourself from the cops will reward you the earned money. As a cop, your duty is to make your citizens feel safe and roam around the city with no hesitation. Catch the robbers and punish them for their sins. You've the grip, you've the right. Infinite jobs: Search for jobs that please you and earn in millions in few hours. Doing jobs might not be that hard. Enjoy high-income jobs and buy yourself some coffee constantly. Do it right, earn it bright. Few examples of jobs have been represented below: - Car dealer, /cardealer. Deal with the cars and earn money scars. - Fishing. Catch some fishes to make dollars. - More to be discovered in the server. Go ahead, no one's stopping you though. Properties & Vehicles (Luxury): Got too much money to deal with? Spend it on buying expensive properties and vehicles to enhance your showroom. Different types of properties and vehicles exist for players with different amounts of money.
  3. Deathmatch: Do you love to do deathmatch? You've chose the right place. Enjoy deathmatching in the server with ultimately no restrictions. Invite your friends to play with and we're sure you'd love to play again. Some highlights: Achievements: Unlock achievements with more restrictions eliminated as you go by. Every achievement involves huge amount of money and unlockables. High cash: Earn high amount of cash per kill and lose only ~20% of the money when you die. Free commands: Enjoy many commands i.e gotoloc, goto, spawnloc etc free of cost. Some commands related to deathmatch may be limited to dollars. Lag free focused: Our deathmatch game mode is always updated while keeping an eye on deathmatching. You'll witness less lag as compared to most servers besides your internet problems. Glitches: Have fun in a server disabling every type of glitch to increase deathmatching stability.