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  1. There's been a rising concern about using hacks against a hacker and then proving yourself innocent. No, you're not right and not wrong either. Using hacks against hackers will not make you less than him/her. Under any circumstances, using hacks in the server will lead to a temporary or permanent ban. No matter what the circumstances were, you'll be labeled as a hacker and be given equal punishment. There are already two common hacks detectors that can be enabled by using the /report command. If the hacks being used are different, stay un-spawned or enable /nogoto and /radar off. Teleport to a closed area and you'll be 70% safe or use /secworld (/safeworld, /world2). Repeating it, using hacks against anyone will lead to a temporary or permanent ban and you'll barely be forgiven. Your explanation won't be listened to.
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