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  1. Is this in new IP or the old?
  2. The server has been shifted to IP: since the old host lost access to the panel and we aren't able to modify scripts and the owner hasn't replied for weeks. Also, we have the old database months back, we can't get the latest database from the old host panel. So in case, you don't wanna start with an old account, do post a screenshot of your stats below this topic by joining the old server IP. It's still up for a few days. Thanks. Changelogs: • Added /spawnskin with the cost of $2500. • Added AFK system. It changes your name to for example: [AFK]6858 if you go AFK. However, it takes 3-4 seconds to update your status when you go AFK (blame VCMP's slow data) but instantly changes your name to the correct one after you come back. We'll modify it to for example Brightlight to Brightlight[AFK] in the next update. It can be quite helpful in some cases, but let me know your opinions.
  3. /ignore exists for a reason. The command was created for these acts. Use /ignore a command if someone insults you. Either insult him back (without breaking any rule, insulting isn't a rule yet) or ignore him in a maturely way. However, it didn't even take you a day to repeat the same offense. Surely, the ban will be severe. I'll issue the punishment when I get home and will let you know.
  4. You quit the game after "he chose another skin, spawned, opened fire and tried to attack you". The report wouldn't make sense if he was in the same skin as you. I'll issue the punishment when I get home and will let you know.
  5. The proof is not enough to issue him a ban. Do tell me within 24 hours if you've got another proof. Reply with proof else not.
  6. This time staff is letting @lukaku go with a warning, next time will be a ban. Take this warning as a final warning to your offense, you won't be spared again. Warned.
  7. I'm sorry to say that we've encountered the same problem again. The panel's been down for 8-10 days and we've been trying to contact the owner frequently but he seems no hope. Since the panel host is down, I'm afraid the server may be down in the upcoming days. We have decided to move the current scripts to the host which was used as an alternative when we encountered lag problems before. I'll be waiting for your opinions.
  8. I've given my view on the report. I'm busy and unable to join the server for a few weeks. I'll ask a staff member to deal with it soon.
  9. You were told to apply after 15th January 2022. You don't even care about rules and improvements from previous rejections at all. Please mind reading the previous applications and specifically rules before applying again, or you'll be application-banned. [b]Apply after the 15th of January[/b]. Your applications will no longer be appreciated if you keep breaking the rules. Before applying, I suggest you improving, understanding rules better, showing activity and interaction with staff members (for the staff to find your personality) and reviewing previous applications before applying. Thanks for applying, this application will be suspended for applying before the given date.
  10. EC approves UID, and it also doesn't limit accounts per player. I'm talking about limiting players to 3 accounts and approving a player if the player is new and doesn't have an official account (The other 2 accounts can be aliases) to play with. The player can play register two more accounts. Registering 4th account will not let him spawn.
  11. That server allows you to login to an existing account to get playing allowed which is opposite to what I suggested. I asked about removing less than 100 kills accounts which are flooding the database and 3 accounts per player. An account approving system is widely implemented in most servers. I had a discussion about it long time ago but didn't make it.
  12. Since the current VPS blocks VPN signals, we can't really implement that, unfortunately. I've thought of the following and hoping if you could help me out with suggestions: (1) Delete all the accounts with less than 100 kills (you've no idea that it'll delete thousands of accounts) once. (2) Only approved accounts by admins will be allowed to play on the server (existing accounts with more than 100 kills who will still be in the database and allowed to play). (3) Maximum 3 aliases per player. I know it sucks but it'll improve security for server a lot.
  13. It doesn't matter. No matter you sent different messages, but you got muted and you evaded. Yes, apologies. After hearing @lukaku's defense which shows him not being ashamed of his actions, the staff decided to ban him for 5 days (based on recent punishment record). Thanks for reporting!
  14. @lukaku Though the report is obvious and doesn't require any discussion at all, I still want you to post your defense. Few hours till the report is to be marked dealt.
  15. Stop calling me names instead of repenting your mistakes. You know ON is a private tag, led by Hunting and not open for public use. If you acknowledge that ON belongs to HunTinG, why didn't you dare ask him? You should have asked the one who owns the tag, before yourself using it. And without anyone's permission, I won't allow you to keep using their property and annoy them. Repent what you did. "We'll see if no one will join FV ever again". I don't really care about your threats, scare someone else. I won't allow any rule breaks in my server at all costs. If you think the staff is biased or whatever junk you believe, you're free to leave FunVice. Your absence won't matter and if it does (which will probably not happen at all), I still won't allow you immunity from rule breaks. If you agree with the rules then play, if you disagree, you are welcome to leave. And about your bias thingy, your reports never make sense or lack enough evidence while HunTinG's report has clear evidence which you can ask from anyone. Your reports create a bunch of confusion and result in rejection. Learn how to create proper reports with crystal clear evidence and then debate over here mister. And again, send your threats and blackmails to someone else, I don't even give them attention equal to a grain of sand. Next time I'll forum ban you if you kept using abusive and retarded language. Keep it in mind, I've had enough of this drama. I will now take direct actions and you already have 3 warnings. Beware before posting anything in the future. Will be banned for a day.
  16. ON is widely acknowledged as a clan or a tag of the WK gang. It isn't fair to use a clan or gang's tag unless you know that no one else uses it. Stop manipulating FunVice rules to justify your rule break. The clan isn't registered here doesn't mean that it isn't even a clan. You could get permission from the leader or owner of the tag. I'll issue the punishment soon
  17. Hi. As y'all know that server host was changed into a new one due to some issues, temporarily. We're pleased to announce that the server is now back to the old IP: See ya there!
  18. Now I've concluded: The above picture clearly represents that a lot of bulk and junk was removed by ZeeX just a few days ago. @HunTinG's posts seem to owe more deleted content than yours, @lukaku. Hence, ZeeX was not biased towards any. And for your information, prejudices are one of the top priority rules that can get a staff member instantly kicked without notice. Staff members are instructed on day first to be just on both sides. This report lacks evidence that ZeeX was 'biased'. Hence, the report will be rejected. Be sure to examine the entire situation and notice stuff before reporting a staff member. Thanks for reporting, this report will be rejected, unfortunately, or fortunately.
  19. I understand it. You didn't understand my reply. ZeeX actually removed some topics made by HunTinG. Now it's obvious that he wouldn't remove FV fought videos. So obviously the topic which was removed must be irrespective of FunVice. Anyway, @ZeeX.
  20. The "General Discussion" board has mostly your posted videos. Your posts own 58% ofthe the board while the rest goes to HunTinG and ZeeX. It doesn't seem like you were treated unfairly. However, from logs, I can see that 1/2 topic(s) made by HunTinG were removed by ZeeX. Any other thing?
  21. I'll start by saying that we do NOT replicate servers and copying of other servers' features are not an endorsement here. Contradicting your point, Heli-cannon can be killed by using some strong weapons(i.e M60), if your aim is claimed to be adequate. About deleting Sea Sparrows, they wouldn't be deleted. If newbies don't acknowledge the right location to find them, it's not a major problem. If they want to gain the Sparrow advantage, they must find them. I'm pretty sure there are locations saved that can be accessed by /gotoloc. The suggestion will not be taken into consideration rather rejected.