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  1. I dont see hunting breaking any rule also if you know then our report section is open please.
  2. One topic removed of pain, because of non FV video and warned also, post non FV video once again and get banned.
  3. okay sorry for posting in locked topic i was busy all day and just saw this topic, first of all hunting is my friend does not mean i'll take his side you are more than hunting for me tbh, i never treated you like strangers but still whatever it is off topic lets come back to the topic, i removed every non FV video you asked me there is one more and i asked for the link you never gave me the link. still if you have link of non FV related video please send me the link on forum/discord. good luck and peace.
  4. @lukakuyou are warned this time for posting other server's videos.
  5. Friendship ended with hunting now fulton is my best friend.
  6. @BrightLightcan you give permission to players to edit their post?