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  1. Hello Hus, Unfortunately, your application has been denied for following reasons: - Immature. - Not enough experience through bugs and glitches. - Not ready for this hard job. Once you feel like you're improved by fixing the above given points, apply again after 15 January.
  2. Hello Emi, I can understand how awkward it feels when someone is using aurora for killing you, but definitely it is an foolish act to use hacks to kill him. There was no need of using aurora, because you know that he was invincible. Like sos, you should've remained un-spawned or has used server commands to hide from radar. Anyways, we do our best to make a fair decision for players. Your appeal will be discussed among staff.
  3. Yeah, that might be some wrong in script. Can you provide some logs regarding it?
  4. Hello Emi, Your report shows lack of evidence, and there is no any short of death evade in it. The player wasn't engaged in combat as well as it's clear from the video he didn't quit the game intentionally. Thank you for sparing your time for making player report. Denied.
  5. Hello @Hus, As I have gone through your past applications in previous forums you were asked to wait for some weeks, not even some weeks but at least 1-2 months, so you can gain some experience from your es staff. You still need many improvements, which won't just come in a week. I request you to apply at least after a month, so we can see some improvement in you. We respect your interest towards staff, but this not the right time for you to apply. Denied.
  6. If I give my opinion I would suggest to remove auto change in weather, keeping it manual is fine. Because the weather changes so fast as well as there are some weathers which give a huge drops of fps in game. Some weathers are so blind, and unplayable by players in such weathers.
  7. In-game nick: MKt.FrozeN*/FroZeN* Previous nicks: HeaT, JohnWick, Shadow .of.Darkness., CyberTroN. Country/Timezone: +5:00 UTC Time playing VCMP: Since in the end of year 2015. Time playing FunVice: Since three to four months ago. Have you been banned/warned anywhere else? Why?: No, but warned for wall glitch in a server about an year ago. Why do you wish to join the staff crew: I would like to join this staff for following reasons: • I want to help the server in whipping out hackers from it and keep it clean. • I am familiar with the rules and regulations of the server. What can you accomplish as a staff member: I can do following things while being in the staff: • With my good experience in the VC-MP career I would solve any rule breaking report fairly. • Cooperating the staff in difficult situations. Extra notes: Regards, FROZEN.