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  1. old one, and i think it will do the same on new one as well.. not sure
  2. are u serious? tried reporting gunimation aka scluckyboothole for hp hacks and instead i get banned for 30 days (idk why in logs it doesnt write) can you unban me too? :| ps: the cheater still didnt get kicked or banned
  3. Your nick: [ON]HunTinG Admin nick: [F2]Harold Date it happened: today Reason: making his own rules and banning me for 1 day for a rule that doesn't exist Evidence: Extra notes: there is no such rule as "don't wall glitch from glitched places" or "don't wallglitch with explosion" in the rules, at all, and according to server rules, wg with explosion is allowed (as he confirmed himself, can give proof if asked for)
  4. Your in-game nick: [ON]HunTinG Rulebreaker's nick: [TDA]Duki. / Pain Reason: ban evading Date: today Evidence: Extra notes: he gave me link to a video from his channel, you can check the video link yourselves
  5. both [ON]HunTinG & [ON]FuckTinG account pics keep in mind i shared some vehicles in between those accounts
  6. u can always insult me back, but that won't give you the free-pass to break the other rules
  7. i didn't use any fist hack lmao, and i knew you'll try to come with remotes or chainsaw, you are LORD PAIN, you will not play with me only shotgun or m4 without remotes or grenades or any cheap stuff
  8. insulting is allowed as far as the rules state, connecting with such nicks i guess not, you was warned for it already
  9. show me proof then, in your video i stopped moving and didnt say anything for a few seconds while you was hitting me
  10. Your in-game nick: [ON]HunTinG Rulebreaker's nick: [TDA]Duki. Reason: death evading Date: just now (today) Evidence: Extra notes: lol
  11. I paused the game to turn on the recorder for this: as you can see in your video I wasn't moving at all, i came back and turned on recorder cuz I knew you will evade hhh
  12. Your in-game nick: [ON]HunTinG Rulebreaker's nick: [TDA]Duki. Reason: offensive nicks Date: today Evidence: Extra notes: he doesn't care if it's his last chance, he's still boring me with his chat shit
  13. Your in-game nick: [ON]HunTinG Rulebreaker's nick: HUNTING_MOM / [TDA]Pain Reason: offensive nicks Date: today Evidence: [img][/img] [img][/img] Extra notes: he is connecting from USA because he moved there (as he mentioned in some other server)
  14. ok but i hope it doesn't take too long to move back to the current host ..
  15. Your in-game nick: [ON]HunTinG Rulebreaker's nick: burak Reason: death evading and using aurora Date: today Evidence: Extra notes: 0:28 see how he just 1 tapped (lead aim) to my head, it's impossible to do this if you don't use any hacks, because the head never lines up as you like it (i tell you this from experience), he did the same thing many times see 1:22 for death evade
  16. Your in-game nick: [ON]HunTinG Rulebreaker's nick: serdome420 Reason: aimbot / aurora Date: today Evidence: Extra notes: watch carefully every sequence of the clip, see how his bullets randomly flick to my left while he is shooting my crouching stand position and vice versa..
  17. ok 3 accounts limit for player dont bother answering back to pain, it's useless i don't really like that part with account registration approval, it sucks really.. so -1 for that
  18. and u mute evaded just so that you can continue with your shit.. @BrightLighti think you forgot to deal with this report ?
  19. Your in-game nick: [ON]FuckTinG Rulebreaker's nick: zwkdzt. / alias names Reason: spamming chat with shit then mute evading to spam again Date: today Evidence: Extra notes: boring nonsense, someone should ban this guy from connecting to the masterlist, he's just too mad to accept the amount of defeats he's had so far
  20. this is getting boring pain you think you can rape anyone when you don't have skills on even a single weapon you play with besides when you realize this is the truth you just start rulebreaking get on with the idea you are just an entertainment, nobody keeps you around unless you entertain them
  21. lool, forget him, he's tripping ON belongs to WK, and only permitted ones can use this tag if you don't agree with the rules of the server then don't play