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Found 9 results

  1. Your in-game nick: [ON]HunTinG Rulebreaker's nick: burak Reason: death evading and using aurora Date: today Evidence: Extra notes: 0:28 see how he just 1 tapped (lead aim) to my head, it's impossible to do this if you don't use any hacks, because the head never lines up as you like it (i tell you this from experience), he did the same thing many times see 1:22 for death evade
  2. Your in-game nick: [ON]HunTinG Rulebreaker's nick: [TDA]Duki. Reason: death evading Date: just now (today) Evidence: Extra notes: lol
  3. Your in-game nick: [ON]HunTinG Rulebreaker's nick: [TDA]Duki. Reason: offensive nicks Date: today Evidence: Extra notes: he doesn't care if it's his last chance, he's still boring me with his chat shit
  4. when server's restarted, make sure you wrote down the shotgun and stubby new values in the script file so that they don't change upon restart also, pm me those values cuz i will need this later plz also try to make spawnloc & spawnwep save even after restart if possible if not, set default weapons of every skin to be m6,ingram and stubby / m4 mp5 stubby, optionally depending on teams (not necessary 100% on teams, just if you'd like, so that newbies will have these as default defense upon joining server)
  5. i need to test this with Shy someday, idk how it's going to work.. try setting the reload speed of shotgun to "250" instead of its normal one, having it same s stubby's, some players say it's gonna fix the shotgun jam bug for stubby and shotgun too
  6. In-game Nick:[SK]Emi New Nick:=KFt=E. Reason:accepted in KF + i want my money. Proof of account ownership:Check my ip or i send recording
  7. In-game Nick: [KFt]Hero^ New Nick: =KFt=Hu^ Reason: I like the new name. Proof of account ownership: Old forum Is proof.
  8. In-game nick: MKt.FrozeN*/FroZeN* Previous nicks: HeaT, JohnWick, Shadow .of.Darkness., CyberTroN. Country/Timezone: +5:00 UTC Time playing VCMP: Since in the end of year 2015. Time playing FunVice: Since three to four months ago. Have you been banned/warned anywhere else? Why?: No, but warned for wall glitch in a server about an year ago. Why do you wish to join the staff crew: I would like to join this staff for following reasons: • I want to help the server in whipping out hackers from it and keep it clean. • I am familiar with the rules and regulations of the server. What can you accomplish as a staff member: I can do following things while being in the staff: • With my good experience in the VC-MP career I would solve any rule breaking report fairly. • Cooperating the staff in difficult situations. Extra notes: Regards, FROZEN.