denied [F2]Nassim - aurora usage


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Your in-game nick: [ON]HunTinG
Rulebreaker's nick: [F2]Nassim
Reason: aurora usage
Date: few days ago


see how he can shoot without any limit the shotgun bullets

it is the same case as the hacker in this report:


00:33 and 00:45 see how he can shoot
also know that this is not working in VCMP without cheats, here is proof it doesnt work:


Extra notes: this is only available via injectable aurora file
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  • Management

Hello HunTinG,

The report has been noted. The staff will response as soon as possible, be patient. If you have any extra evidences, feel free to post it. Your report is being looked at.

Note: If you are not mentioned in this report, do NOT reply unless you have an evidence to add in the report or any other stuff which justifies the report. Opposing it will result in forum ban.

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