closed re-report [F2]Nassim


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Your in-game nick: [ON]HunTinG
Rulebreaker's nick: [F2]Nassim
Reason: aurora
Date: sm days ago

0:23, same as i explained in last topic Extra notes:

the proof which nassim showed you that he given, it's just a little trick to do this without having to inject the file (in duels it's useless, only for jumps maybe)


see this:




if you crouch, shoot, then crouch again and hold fire, you can do this in a slower way, but it still isn't the way which Nassim was doing in the video



i talked with zeex, there's apparently a similar way as with spaz to do with stubby, but it's not guaranteed 100% accuracy, with shotgun he wasn't able to do it, just with stubby


study again this proof, i repeat, you can NOT do this with shotgun, only with stubby(50%) and spaz (100% shots hit)


nassim did that trick to manipulate you into thinking that is how it's done, but as you can see in his both screens in this video:


at the very beginning, he did it same as i showed you in that clip


and btw stop looking for any asi files, you won't find, this is injectable into game and it's undetectable by such server anticheats


crow confirmed existence of such hack, he said he made it for shotgun for spitfire

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  • Management

Hello HunTinG,

The report has been noted. The staff will response as soon as possible, be patient. If you have any extra evidences, feel free to post it. Your report is being looked at.

Note: If you are not mentioned in this report, do NOT reply unless you have an evidence to add in the report or any other stuff which justifies the report. Opposing it will result in forum ban.

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  • Management

We still couldn't come up with a judgment so this report will be dismissed. However, we'll keep a gaze on him, and upon noticing some unusual gameplay behavior, he'll be banned hastily. We regard you for reporting him but this report wasn't submitted with an apparent clue. This report will be closed and the player will be added to the watchlist and will be watched by the staff and server itself most of the time.

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