banned Pain - mute evading several times after spamming chat with nonsense


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Your in-game nick: [ON]FuckTinG
Rulebreaker's nick: zwkdzt. / alias names
Reason: spamming chat with shit then mute evading to spam again
Date: today
Extra notes: boring nonsense, someone should ban this guy from connecting to the masterlist, he's just too mad to accept the 
amount of defeats he's had so far
Edited by HunTinG
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  • Management

Hello HunTinG,

The report has been noted. The staff will response as soon as possible, be patient. If you have any extra evidences, feel free to post it. Your report is being looked at.

Note: If you are not mentioned in this report, do NOT reply unless you have an evidence to add in the report or any other stuff which justifies the report. Opposing it will result in forum ban.

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  • Management
10 hours ago, lukaku said:

I wasnt spamming the chat with a same message, if you see i told him different messages and server muted me h

It doesn't matter. No matter you sent different messages, but you got muted and you evaded.

9 hours ago, HunTinG said:

and u mute evaded just so that you can continue with your shit..

@BrightLighti think you forgot to deal with this report ?

Yes, apologies. 

After hearing @lukaku's defense which shows him not being ashamed of his actions, the staff decided to ban him for 5 days (based on recent punishment record). Thanks for reporting!

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