ban-reduced Unban Appeal - Emi


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Date:I forgot
Why should we unban you:I used hacks against another hacker, ( HunTinG,Paul ) can confirm I didn't use hacks against any legit player 
Extra notes:I won't repeat it, and it's first time I did it 
+ I applied because FV changed its ip and mine changed also
Edited by Emi
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burak is a well known cheater and he's constantly calling his friends shikri and POSSIBLY letting them enter his account at times, himself he isn't a legit player since I caught him many times with aurora (aimlock and recently kewun's warp cheats)

i think emi tried to do a hack-fight, (normally I don't recommend doing so, unless we're talking about grenade attachers or serious aimlockers), but also take into account that he wasn't aware of the /report cmd neither


i'm neutral here, i don't say that ban is fair or not, but burak and shikri should've been permabanned ages ago for using hacks, and therefore server could be much more free of hackers


emi needs to have a rules revision so that instead of using hacks he should use /report cmd on the cheaters next time, but there's also more players that need to be banned (already mentioned above, will maybe soon bring proof anytime i caught them online)


so take into account that he fought against the cheater, in Sos's video I don't see Emi killing Sos (in case he did, then the ban is perfectly legit)


about cheating against the cheater, I still have doubts here, because I'm not sure what kind of hacks 'BLADE' was he using.. just tried to put things in a perspective for staff, also consider that Emi has a past of using cheats in this server, and put things in a balance in order to figure out whether he should be unbanned or let the ban expire.

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Yea i tried to turn my fight with burak into a weird kind of hvh.. Also no, I didn't kill Sos he was spectating and before he started recording he told burak to use all his hacks on me.
So i fought back.Now i realised it's wrong and won't do so again. Also i used only "lag script" in the past..
This is the first time using aurora here. and last .. I promise..

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Hello Emi, 

I can understand how awkward it feels when someone is using aurora for killing you, but definitely it is an foolish act to use hacks to kill him. There was no need of using aurora, because you know that he was invincible. Like sos, you should've remained un-spawned or has used server commands to hide from radar. 

Anyways, we do our best to make a fair decision for players. Your appeal will be discussed among staff. 


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